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How to Start and Run a [Canteen] Business in Haiti

This e-Book shows, step-by-step, how to open a business in Haiti. That business does not have to be a canteen, although based on my research many communitites (neighborhoods, schools, the elderly, children all year round, especially during the summer and around Christmas) could regularly eat warm meals, prepared with love, for a modest contribution. Of course, this is a business and it has to be profitable. There are many ways you can achieve that. Some options might not be what you expect. (Hint: every person who has a mouth should eat and drink every single day which translates into recurring revenue for you, the-business-person-who-feeds-people.)

This is the English version of the e-Book

A French version will be available soon. Check back often to find out when.

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Let me know how useful the information will have been for you after reading this e-Book. I would also be happy to learn what type of business you own or are establishing.
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