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On one hand, there are words and good intentions. On the other hand, there is the fact that you can count on me to be there for you when you require assistance.

The question is how ready are you, my friend?

Business Consulting

Specific goals, or issues, or overall solutions

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Digital Marketing

One type or a combination of services

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Web Design

How user-friendly, and either simple, or sophisticated should your website be?

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Project Management

This is the solution for business people who need a project manager for critical aspects of business

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Language Services

See how I can help you with  those language pairs: French-Creole, English-Creole, French-English or from one language to two other languages

e-Book & Free Templates

These documents are all about your company from start-up to expansion

I dare trust

…you, my Haitian people to take ownership of your dreams so that you can make them come true.

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Entrepreneurship it is

18 of 52 is the second show of this theme centered around accounting for business with entrepreneur Rose Jolly, available to help other business decision-makers like her. She gives plenty of advice during her interview.

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Believe me when I tell you that you need to believe in yourself and take action because this is one way you can give yourself a chance to experience self-fulfillment. I can affirm that you are one of those who can assume being different and improve self constantly. Many overlook opportunities to grow. The decision is yours.

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The official address of 1 Haitian 1 Project, LLC is in Uniondale, NY. We may also conduct business on the phone, online, with web conference options, at your workplace, or in a neutral environment.

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